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Transfer Pricing Documentation Service

Start your Transfer Pricing Documentation preparation with us and enjoy our special promo rate + immediate 10% minimum company insurance cost saving with 3R report!

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Normal Rate MYR 10,000

Documentation Report that Covers:

Organizational Structure

Company Organization Chart

Controlled Transactions

Pricing Policies

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Normal Rate RM18,000

All-in-One Transfer Pricing Documentation Report


Group Package



Case by Case Basis Rate

Suitable for Group of companies with related party transactions

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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN) has introduced new penalty provisions for transfer pricing. Getting it wrong can be costly for you as a taxpayer with related party transactions.

Preparing Transfer Pricing quite a hassle and complex to be done but with our experts' assistance, this would be a solution for your company. 


How it Works?

Assess your risk with our Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment to know How To Prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation

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Engage with us to start Transfer Pricing Preparation and achieve these benefits:


Compliance Cost Saving Improvement

You can get from us the TP Documentation Review for consecutive years at highly competitive fees.

Result: You comply TP Compliance complied at about one-fourth of initial fee subject to T&C and you can retain the cost savings.

Grow your Business, Shrink your Workload

Your time can generally be better spent earning money in your area of expertise.

Even if your transfer pricing is straightforward, hiring a Transfer Pricing Consultant will save you the time and stress of doing it your own.

Forget about Databases

We have access to and experience with databases used for the Transfer Pricing Documentation.

No more manual search and data crunching for your team, we do it all.


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In this modern business environment, organizations of all industries and sizes are more exposed to the ever-evolving tax regulations. The heightened scrutiny in tax compliance demands extensive industry knowledge and experience.

In Cheng & Co, our network of experts have the right tools, in-depth understanding and up-to-date regulatory knowledge to help you in achieving your tax objectives. If you’d like to find out more about our services, contact us now.